Mea Vita

People think me sad and alone. Why is that I ask, is it because I would rather watch the flowers bloom in spring, then meet the demands of being social? Is it because I am at peace with myself enough to dedicate myself fully to Love? To know better enough to Love what Loves me back without the hatred and malice that complacency brings, or is it because I chose to walk in the rain instead of go to the mall?? My behavior is by choice, strangely the harder I run from people the harder they pursue me. I ask no one for nothing, my life is mine to do as I choose and if my choice is to be amongst the falling leaves of the changing seasons and watch the clouds change shape in the sky releasing their stories to me as the whispers of the past, blow across my listening ears, who are you to ask why??


Vires et Honestas

What’s normal to them, is not normal to me–blindly walking, seeing nothing except the end of the day, consuming, destroying–blind to life, to love, to the truth: there’s more to life than this…